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Wallbed with table TANGO 120 excellent solution 2 in 1 for mattress 120cm x 200 cm.

24,350 MDL

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Wallbed with table TANGO 120 excellent solution 2 in 1 for mattress 120cm x 200 cm.

  • Age category : for adults and children.
    Recommended Mattress Size : 120 cm x 200 cm
    (not included in the price. When ordering a bed, you get a 15% discount on any VEGAS mattress)
    Recommended wall for fastening : Concrete, reinforced concrete, kettle, brick.
    Maximum mattress height : 23 cm.
    Opening system : 4 gas-oil shock absorbers,
    matched to the weight of the facade and mattress.
    Mattress base : metall orthopedic with wood slats for airflow and support.
    Metal coating : powder coating color to choose from
    (white, gray, black)
    Lamels : Beech lamellas 28 pieces.
    Base height (cm) : 33 cm + mattress height.
    Max. load (kg): 150
    Damper : Hettich, there is no banging when closing the bed.
    Legs : Italiana Ferramenta for heavy weights.
    Mattress Holders : 2 wide straps with carabiners. Can be removed, washed.
    Back cushion : Soft foam cushion with removable cover. Also washable in a washing machine.
    Installation : Within Chisinau included in the price, either by video or paper instruction.
    Included materials: PAL with a price of 280 MDL/m², textile - 130 MDL/m.l.
    Warranty: 24 months
  • Closed dimensions : 2152 mm (Height) x 1382 mm (Width) x 410 mm (Depth)
    Clear dimensions : 2152 mm (Height) x 1382 mm (Width) x 2185 mm (Depth)
    Table dimensions : 600 mm (depth) x 1270 mm (Width), with 2 metal support legs. 
    Maximum mattress height : 23 cm
    Sidewall Thickness : 36 mm (18 + 18 mm)
    Top Panel Thickness : 36 mm (18 + 18 mm)
    Bottom Panel Thickness : 36 mm (18 + 18 mm) 
    Table Panel Thickness : 18 mm + metal base from a pipe 40 x 20 mm.
    Back wall thickness : 18 mm
    Thickness of facades : 18 mm
  • LED backlight : LED strip in an aluminum profile embedded in the upper part of the bed + power supply + switch on the sidewall inside or outside. You can choose any color temperature (cold white, neutral, warm yellow)
    220 V socket : An additional 220 V socket can be embedded into the 36 mm side panel.
    BRA for reading : White, with a flexible leg. Power 3 watts. Usually mounted on the back wall above the pillow. Turns on by touch.
    Printing on the facade : Any picture of good quality can be printed on the facade. Choose ANY HERE
    Soft back panel : Choice of foam-wrapped fabric and foam back panel
    Leg with shelf : Instead of folding or self-dropping legs, a leg-shelf can be installed. The leg is equipped with a draft that provides a constant horizontal position of the shelf.
    Decorative caps for shock absorbers : Made of metal, covered with fabric in the color of the back cushion.
    Mezzanine : can be equipped with a mezzanine on top for additional storage. 
    Shelves : can be equipped with shelves inside the bed. 

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